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...Dark Thorn...

An Australian Rock Band

Dark Thorn

Chris Hillis - Drums

Tom Houston - Guitar & Vocals

Andrew Macdonald - Bass Guitar

Jamie Pearce - Vocals

Terry Howlett - Guitar

Dark Thorn ... An Australian Rock Band

With a global feel and influence, the band is currently in the studio writing and rehearsing

for their upcoming launch.

Dark Thorn...musicians from Melbourne Australia that have come together to form a solid diversified rock outfit. Having a strong focus on quality musicianship, the band is delivering a solid vibe and quality rock songs.
All members of the band have been part of the Melbourne Rock and Metal scene for many years and have a massive amount of experience between them.
As the guys stated in an recent interview... “We decided to pool our talents and put together a new and exciting band where all of our individual experience could be used to write songs and share some existing rock material for people to enjoy”
The bands tracks show a variety of rock influences that give the band the sound it has today.
So get ready Melbourne as DARK THORN will be bringing its SPIKE to the live scene in the not so distant future…
Dark Thorn

Chris Hillis - Drums - Anything this guy can't drum too?

Tom Houston - Guitar & Vocals - Is this bloke still playing...

Andrew Macdonald - Bass Guitar - Legend, The solid driving force...

Jaime Pearce - Lead Vocals - Yeah, he's the frontman...

Terry Howlett - Guitar - Don't ya love that Flying V

Mental Health continues to be an area where we all need to be supporting and helping the people around us…

or helping ourselves…all year round.

There has been a lot of talk about mental health lately and the numbers of people, especially men, that take

their own lives daily, is saddening.

A couple of weeks ago the band did a live recording of a new song, Suicide Road, that tries to highlight the area of mental health. As the lyrics say…there can be, with support, “no more raging, no broken heart” and with “the strength to keep myself alive”.

The song’s raw, live and needs work, but at the end of the day, that’s what life is and why we need to be there for each other.

Let’s try and spread the support. Please share the message with family and friends.

It may just help someone.

Rock On…Tom, Chris, Andrew, Jamie & Terry…

Dark Thorn - Supporting Mental Health

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